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Ella Discovers Lucifer’s Truth: Which Episode?

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Have you been eagerly following the latest season of Lucifer, waiting for the moment when Ella Lopez finally discovers the truth about Lucifer?

Throughout the series, Ella has been a brilliant forensic scientist and a loyal member of the “Scooby gang.” But it’s not until Season 6 that she stumbles upon the secret that has been hidden from her all along.

So, which episode does Ella uncover the shocking revelation and how does it impact the dynamics of the show? Let’s dive deeper into this pivotal moment that unveils the truth behind Lucifer’s identity.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ella Lopez discovers the truth about Lucifer in Season 6 of the TV show Lucifer.
  • This pivotal moment occurs in Episode 8 of the season.
  • Ella’s discovery leads to a complex mix of emotions, including joy and betrayal.
  • If Season 6 had not been greenlit, Ella would have found out about Lucifer in Season 5 through a different storyline.
  • Ella’s discovery plays a significant role in shaping the narrative and her character’s journey in the final season of Lucifer.

Ella’s Reaction to Discovering Lucifer’s Secret

After Ella discovers the truth about Lucifer, her reaction is complex. She trusted the Scooby gang throughout the past seasons and had been trying to keep it together for Maze and Eve. When she finally figures out the secret, she drunkenly reveals it during a wedding.

However, in Episode 8 of Season 6, Ella deals with the fallout of her discovery. She is amazed by the truth but also hurt that her friends didn’t trust her enough to include her. This leads to mixed feelings of joy and betrayal, as she struggles with whether she can still trust them.

Ella’s emotional response to Lucifer’s revelation showcases the depth and complexity of her character. She experiences a range of emotions, from astonishment and wonder to feelings of being left out and deceived. This internal conflict adds tension and drama to the storyline, highlighting the impact of the secret on Ella’s relationship with the Scooby gang.

Ella’s journey in Season 6 is marked by her evolving understanding of the celestial world and her place within it. As she comes to terms with Lucifer’s true identity, Ella’s reactions and feelings drive her character development, shaping her decisions and actions throughout the season.

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Ella’s Mixed Emotions

In Episode 8, Ella’s mixed emotions are evident as she navigates the aftermath of discovering Lucifer’s secret. On one hand, she is awestruck by the truth, finally understanding the supernatural occurrences she has witnessed over the years. This newfound knowledge opens her eyes to a world beyond her imagination.

On the other hand, Ella feels a sense of betrayal from her friends for not confiding in her sooner. She questions their trust and wonders if there were other secrets they kept from her. This internal struggle creates tension within the group dynamic, as Ella grapples with her conflicting emotions.

“The truth can be both liberating and devastating, especially when it challenges everything you thought you knew. In Ella’s case, discovering Lucifer’s secret came with a mix of wonder and heartache, highlighting the complexity of human emotions when faced with the supernatural.”

Ella’s emotional response to Lucifer’s revelation adds a compelling layer to her character arc. It showcases her vulnerability and resilience as she processes her feelings and decides how to move forward.

Emotional Response Description
Joy Ella experiences a sense of awe and wonder as she realizes the truth about Lucifer’s identity.
Betrayal She feels hurt and betrayed by her friends for keeping such a significant secret from her.
Confusion Ella grapples with conflicting emotions, unsure of how to reconcile her newfound knowledge with her relationships.
Trust Issues She questions the trustworthiness of the people closest to her, leading to a period of uncertainty and introspection.
Resolution Over time, Ella finds a way to reconcile her emotions and makes choices that align with her values, contributing to her growth and the overall narrative of Lucifer Season 6.

Ella’s Discovery in Season 6 vs Season 5

In Season 6 of the hit TV show Lucifer, one of the most anticipated moments is when Ella Lopez finally discovers the secret that Lucifer Morningstar has been hiding. However, things could have turned out differently if the show had not been renewed for a sixth season. Let’s take a closer look at what would have happened in Season 5 and how it differs from Ella’s revelation in Season 6.

The Original Plan for Ella’s Discovery

The original plan for Ella’s discovery of Lucifer’s secret was to have it covered in a montage at the end of Season 5. In this version, Ella, the lovable forensic scientist, would have been babysitting Charlie, the son of Lucifer and Chloe. During her time with Charlie, he would have sprouted wings, revealing his celestial heritage.

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This original plan would have hinted at Ella’s discovery without her fully understanding the truth. It would have left room for speculation and anticipation, setting the stage for a dramatic reveal in the following season.

The Difference in Season 6

With the addition of Season 6, the writers of Lucifer were able to delve deeper into Ella’s character and explore her journey of discovering Lucifer’s secret. Instead of a brief montage, Ella’s revelation becomes a substantial storyline in Season 6.

The difference lies in the emotional impact and the exploration of Ella’s feelings and reactions. In Season 6, Ella learns the truth directly from Lucifer himself, and the aftermath of her discovery plays out over multiple episodes. This allows for a more nuanced portrayal of Ella’s journey as she grapples with the knowledge of her friends’ celestial identities.

Throughout Season 6, Ella’s discovery not only affects her relationships with Lucifer, Chloe, and the rest of the Scooby gang, but it also contributes to the overarching narrative of the final season. She plays a pivotal role in solving the biggest case of her life, which ultimately leads to the fate of the world.

By expanding Ella’s discovery arc in Season 6, Lucifer provides a more satisfying and comprehensive exploration of her character, leaving fans with a deeper understanding of her journey and the impact that learning Lucifer’s secret has on her.

Ella’s Discovery in Season 5 vs Season 6

Season 5 Season 6
Method of Discovery Montage at the end of the season Direct revelation from Lucifer
Emotional Impact Cryptic hint leading to anticipation Deep exploration of Ella’s feelings and reactions
Role in the Narrative Set the stage for future developments Pivotal role in solving the biggest case

As the table above demonstrates, Ella’s discovery of Lucifer’s secret underwent significant changes between Season 5 and Season 6. The addition of an extra season allowed for a more in-depth exploration of Ella’s character and a richer storyline surrounding her revelation.

Ella discovers Lucifer secret in Season 6

Stay tuned for the next section where we dive into the significance of Ella’s discovery and her role in the final season of Lucifer.


Ella’s journey in Lucifer takes a significant turn in Season 6 when she discovers Lucifer’s secret. This revelation marks a pivotal moment in her character’s development as she becomes aware of the celestial truths that surround her friends. The fallout of her discovery adds emotional depth to her storyline, exploring themes of trust and betrayal.

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However, Ella’s role in Season 6 goes beyond just being the one who uncovers Lucifer’s true identity. She plays a crucial part in the final season’s overarching plot, specifically in helping to solve the most monumental case of her life – the end of the world. Her scientific expertise and unwavering determination make her an invaluable asset to the Scooby gang and their fight against the impending apocalypse.

Ella’s discovery and subsequent involvement in the events of Season 6 highlight her growth as a character and showcase her importance in the culmination of the series. Her unwavering loyalty and unwavering commitment to justice make her a beloved and essential member of the Lucifer ensemble. Ella Lopez’s journey in Lucifer is not only significant in terms of her personal development but also in shaping the complex and satisfying narrative of the show’s final season.


What episode of Lucifer does Ella find out about Lucifer?

Ella discovers the truth about Lucifer in Episode 8 of Season 6.

How does Ella react after finding out about Lucifer?

Ella’s reaction is complex, as she feels a mix of joy and betrayal. She is amazed by the truth but also hurt that her friends didn’t trust her enough to include her.

Would Ella have found out about Lucifer in Season 5 if there was no Season 6?

The original plan was for Ella to discover Lucifer’s secret in a montage at the end of Season 5, where she babysits Charlie and witnesses him sprouting wings.

How does Ella’s discovery in Season 6 differ from the original plan for Season 5?

The addition of Season 6 allowed for a more in-depth exploration of Ella’s feelings and reactions to the revelation. Instead of a brief montage, Ella’s discovery and its fallout became a significant storyline in Season 6.
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  1. Just throwing it out there guys, dont you think Ellas reaction to discovering Lucifers secret was a bit too subdued? Considering all her mixed emotions in the past, it felt slightly off-beat to me.

  2. Interesting point on Ellas reaction in season 6 vs 5. But wouldnt you agree her discovery couldve had deeper repercussions, given Lucifers secret? Feel like they missed a chance for further character development there.

  3. Isnt it intriguing how Ellas discovery of Lucifers truth was handled differently in Season 6 compared to Season 5? Makes you wonder how much character development can really change the course of a narrative, doesnt it?

  4. I reckon Ellas discovery of Lucifers truth was a pivotal moment. But, why did it take until Season 6? Wouldnt it have been more impactful if she found out in Season 5? Just a thought!

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