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Final Episode of Joe Pickett – Plot & Recap

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Have you been eagerly waiting for the last episode of Joe Pickett, wondering how the series will conclude? Well, your wait is finally over. In this article, we’ll provide a detailed recap of the final episode, leaving you satisfied with all the thrilling twists and turns.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the intense battle on Bermuda Mountain between Joe Pickett and his enemies.
  • Find out how various storylines are resolved in the final episode.
  • Reflect on the potential future direction of the series.
  • Uncover possible conflicts and unanswered questions left for the next season.
  • Stay tuned for updates on the renewal of Joe Pickett for a third season!

The Return of the Grimm Brothers and a Battle on Bermuda Mountain

In the final episode of Joe Pickett Season 2, titled “The Third Way,” viewers are greeted with the reappearance of the formidable Grimm Brothers. These menacing figures had previously confronted Joe in Episode 2, and now, their return sets the stage for an intense showdown. As the season finale unfolds, Hank Scarlett and his men cross paths with the Grimms as they search for Marissa Left Hand. Tensions rise as Joe enlists the help of Shenandoah and ventures into the Grimms’ camp in search of Marissa’s whereabouts.

Amidst the chaos, Marybeth finds herself handcuffed and taken to the police station. However, she confides in Cricket, who drives her and reveals a crucial plan to Charlie Left Hand. At the Pickett house, Arlen Scarlett and his men pose a direct threat to Joe’s family, prompting Missy and the girls to devise a daring escape plan. Meanwhile, Shenandoah’s condition deteriorates, but she finds unexpected assistance from Marissa.

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Finally, as the climactic events unfold, Joe, Nate, and the Grimm Brothers form an unlikely alliance to protect Marissa from the vengeful Scarletts. Their united front highlights the intricate web of relationships and allegiances that have developed throughout this exhilarating season.

Memorable Quotes from the Final Episode:

“We may have our differences, but we’ve got a common enemy in the government. They’re dirtier than we are.” – Joe Pickett

“Protecting her is the only way to make any of this right.” – Nate Romanowski

“This fight isn’t about Marissa. It’s about every person like her, being treated like nothing.” – Joe Pickett

The return of the Grimm Brothers and the epic battle on Bermuda Mountain serve as a thrilling conclusion to Joe Pickett Season 2. The encounter between the Scarletts, Joe, and his unlikely allies showcases the intense and unpredictable nature of this beloved show’s final episode. As fans eagerly anticipate news of a potential third season, the resolution of this intense storyline leaves them craving for more.

Resolutions and Reunions

In the final battle, Joe, Nate, and the Grimms join forces to defeat the Scarlett men. Trust is established between Joe and the Grimms when they realize they have common enemies in the government. After the skirmish, Joe decides not to arrest Shenandoah and instead helps her seek medical attention and start a new life off-the-grid with Nate. Joe escorts Marissa down the mountain, where she reunites with her father, Charlie Left Hand. Missy and the girls are safely rescued, and Missy reconciles with her beau Derek. The episode ends with a parade led by anti-government protesters, including April’s mother, Jeannie Keeley, teasing a potential new villain for Joe Pickett in the future.

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joe pickett last episode recap


The Season 2 finale of Joe Pickett brings an action-packed and emotionally satisfying conclusion to the series, tying up several storylines while leaving room for future developments. However, there are still some unanswered questions that fans are eager to see addressed in a potential third season.

One lingering uncertainty is the fate of Sheriff Barnum, whose involvement with the corrupt Scarlett family raises doubts about his integrity. The actions of Hank and Arlen Scarlett may also have long-term consequences for the residents of Saddlestring, adding an element of suspense to the show’s future.

Another unresolved storyline revolves around Shenandoah, who becomes a fugitive but finds hope in the form of Nate’s assistance. As they set out on a new life off-the-grid, audiences wonder how their journey will unfold and what challenges they will face.

Furthermore, the return of Jeannie Keeley and the presence of anti-government protesters suggest potential conflicts on the horizon. The parade led by these protesters serves as a teaser for what might come next, leaving viewers curious about their motives and how they will impact Joe Pickett’s world.

Overall, fans of Joe Pickett eagerly await news of a potential third season, eager to delve deeper into the unresolved plot points and see how the characters evolve. With its gripping finale, the series delivers a thrilling end to Season 2, leaving viewers hungry for more gripping and suspenseful adventures in the fictional town of Saddlestring.


What is the last episode of Joe Pickett?

The final episode of Joe Pickett Season 2 is titled “The Third Way.”

Is "The Third Way" the series finale of Joe Pickett?

While there is no confirmation about a third season, “The Third Way” serves as the season finale of Joe Pickett Season 2. Fans can speculate on what lies ahead for the characters of Saddlestring.

What happens in the final episode of Joe Pickett?

In “The Third Way,” Joe Pickett confronts the Grimm Brothers, engages in a high-stakes chase on Bermuda Mountain, and resolves various storylines.

Does the final episode of Joe Pickett feature the return of the Grimm Brothers?

Yes, the menacing Grimm Brothers make a comeback in the final episode.

Are there any resolutions and reunions in the last episode of Joe Pickett?

Yes, the episode features the resolution of various storylines, including the reunions of Marissa Left Hand with her father and Missy with her beau Derek.

What are some unanswered questions in the final episode of Joe Pickett?

The fate of Sheriff Barnum remains uncertain, and the actions of Hank and Arlen Scarlett may have consequences. Additionally, the return of Jeannie Keeley and the presence of anti-government protesters hint at potential conflicts in future seasons.
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      I respectfully disagree. The Grimm Brothers add depth and intrigue to the storyline. Their return keeps us on our toes and adds a layer of mystery. Embrace the drama – its what keeps us coming back for more!

    1. Nah, I actually appreciated the lack of a cliché cliffhanger. Sometimes a subtle ending can be more impactful than trying too hard to shock the audience. Its all about leaving room for interpretation and letting the story resonate on its own terms.

  1. Interesting recap, but isnt it odd how the Grimm Brothers return was handled? Also, could the Bermuda Mountain battle have been more climactic? Those final episode quotes were truly memorable, though.

  2. Isnt it intriguing how the Grimm Brothers return overlaps with the Bermuda Mountain showdown? I mean, could there be an underlying symbolism that we missed? Also, those quotes, they linger, right?

  3. Does anyone else think the return of the Grimm Brothers was a bit forced? I mean, it felt like the plot needed an extra jolt. And that Bermuda Mountain battle, wasnt it a bit over the top?

  4. Well, wasnt that Grimm Brothers return a surprise? But really, why Bermuda Mountain of all places? And those final episode quotes, theyve got me pondering life and stuff. What an ending, huh?

  5. I cant believe they brought back the Grimm Brothers! That plot twist was insane. But honestly, I think the whole resolution with Joe Pickett was a letdown. Anyone else feel the same way?

  6. I cant believe they brought back the Grimm Brothers in the final episode! Talk about a plot twist. But seriously, did anyone else think the resolution was too rushed? I wanted more closure.

  7. I cant believe they brought back the Grimm Brothers in the final episode! Such a random twist, but I kinda loved it. Who knew Bermuda Mountain would be the setting for a major showdown? #mindblown

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