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The Best Brooklyn 99 Halloween Episode You’ll Love

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“Ladies and gentlemen, we’re about to begin the greatest caper in Brooklyn Nine-Nine history: The Halloween Heist!” This bold statement by Jake Peralta kicked off the first Halloween episode. Since then, these episodes have been a highlight for fans. With every year, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Halloween episodes bring us closer to the show’s characters through hilarious heists.

The tradition started with a simple bet between Jake and Captain Holt in season one. Now, it has evolved into a fan-favorite event in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The mystery and laughter brought by the Halloween Heist episodes reveal the show’s smart writing and fun character relationships. So, each year, viewers eagerly wait to see what crazy schemes the Nine-Nine will come up with next.

Now, join us as we jump into the amazing world of Nine-Nine’s Halloween heists. We’ll go over the top Brooklyn 99 Halloween moments, decide the best Brooklyn Nine-Nine Halloween episodes, and cheer for this special show tradition. Get ready with your heist gear because our adventure is about to begin!

Key Takeaways

  • The Halloween Heist episodes have become a beloved tradition in Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Each Halloween episode features unexpected twists and surprising winners
  • The show keeps the format fresh by involving more characters and raising the stakes each year
  • The Halloween episodes showcase the series’ clever writing and lovable character dynamics
  • These episodes have delivered some of the funniest and most memorable moments in the series

Introduction to Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Iconic Halloween Heists

In its first Halloween episode, Brooklyn Nine-Nine kicked off a tradition. This became a yearly celebration. The episode’s success drove the show to make this a staple.

Each Halloween Heist embodied the show’s essence. It mixed smart writing with sharp humor. And of course, the lovable bond between its characters.

These yearly competitions kept fans eager. They were full of twists and surprises. The plot celebrated each character’s quirks, deepening their connections.

But what made the episodes stand out was how they evolved. What began as Jake and Holt’s rivalry grew. Amy, Rosa, and even Gina were soon teaming up with new strategies.

The Halloween Heists became more than just games. They showcased unexpected teamwork and crazy plans. Fans could never guess who would win each year.

“The Halloween Heist episodes are like a special gift for the fans. It’s amazing how the writers manage to keep the concept fresh and exciting year after year, while still staying true to the show’s heart and humor.”

The Halloween Heists didn’t just become a tradition. They are now a key part of the show’s legacy. From start to finish, they reflected Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s charm. Their popularity shows their lasting impact on the fan base.

The Humble Beginnings: Season 1’s “Halloween”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine needed time to find its groove, like many shows do. The early episodes were still figuring Jake’s character out. But, the first Halloween Heist really got things rolling. This episode was about whether Jake could trick Holt into losing his Medal of Valor.

Jake’s Clever Plan to Outsmart Holt

Jake’s first efforts to surprise Holt looked weak. Holt thought Jake was making silly mistakes. Jake tried different things, like wearing funny costumes, but Holt saw through it all.

However, Jake had a secret plan. He got help from his friends at the precinct. While Holt was focused on Jake’s failures, the team quietly helped Jake win.

The Precinct’s Teamwork Shines Through

This episode really shows off the team’s teamwork. Amy, Boyle, and Rosa all played important parts. Everyone helped out, even if they were hesitant at first.

When Jake wins, surprising everyone, it’s one of the best moments in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. This scene shows off the show’s smart writing and the friendship between the characters.

The beginning Halloween Heist was great and set a high bar for future episodes. It showed that, sometimes, Jake could be smarter than Holt. It’s one reason fans love Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Halloween episodes. They are funny and fun to watch again and again.

Raising the Stakes in “Halloween II”

The second season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine was still new, finding its way. It was working on the characters and their relationships. Despite this, “Halloween II” wowed critics and fans with its twists. It stands at an impressive 8.3 on brooklyn 99 halloween episodes imdb.

The episode made the Halloween heist a big deal between Jake and Holt. They went all out to win, pushing the limits. This installment made everyone see how deep their competition went.

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Even though the rest of the team sat out, they found ways to be part of the fun. Jake asked for their help, trying to beat Holt. But they chose Holt’s side, adding funny moments and surprise to the story.

“Halloween II” showed Holt getting as serious about winning as Jake. This became a running joke, seeing the usually calm Captain Holt getting so wrapped up in this challenge.

To sum it up, “Halloween II” took the first heist’s success and topped it. It added laughter and excitement to the show’s brooklyn 99 halloween episodes imdb collection. This episode, along with others, proves the series’ knack for crafting fun and evolving stories.

Amy’s Rise to Genius Status in “Halloween III”

Season 3’s Halloween heist was a big deal for the show’s characters. The stakes were really high. Jake and Holt each had a win and wanted to be the “Ultimate Detective/Genius.” But, the big surprise was yet to come.

Being Left Out Fuels Amy’s Determination

Amy’s boyfriend and mentor didn’t pick her for the heist teams. This made her feel hurt but also made her determined. She wanted to show she could win the best Brooklyn 99 Halloween episode too.

This snub changed Amy into a mastermind. She used her feelings of being left out as fuel. Her goal was to beat Jake and Holt. She wanted to prove they were wrong to overlook her.

Amy’s Mastermind Reveal

Amy planned everything behind the scenes. She wanted to win the Halloween heist. Her plan was so good that it surprised everyone when she showed her hand.

At the end, Amy’s big plan shocked everyone. She outwitted Jake and Holt to win. It felt great watching Amy’s hard work pay off, even if we knew it was coming.

Amy’s win marked her as a real contender. She showed that anyone could win the precinct’s big heist. Her story proved that you should never underestimate a person’s smarts in this challenge.

Gina’s Surprising Victory in “Halloween IV”

In “Halloween IV”, Brooklyn Nine-Nine surprised us all. It started with the detectives wanting to be called the Ultimate Detective/Genius. The competition was serious.

funniest brooklyn 99 halloween

After Amy won the heist last year, it was Jake, Amy, and Holt’s turn to choose their teams. Jake picked Gina. Gina, being Gina, lost her teeth by skating into a wall. This was just the start of the funny surprises in this episode.

The Introduction of Charles’ Body Double, Bill

With Gina out, the heist kept going. The detectives used tricks like body doubles and Charles’ lookalike, Bill. Bill made things even funnier and confusing.

“I’m not Charles. I’m Bill. Charles hired me to be his body double for the heist.” – Bill

Charles’ and Bill’s looks were so alike it was hard to tell them apart. This twist made the episode both funny and smart. It kept everyone guessing.

As the heist went on, everyone tried to win. But Gina was secretly in charge. She proved she was the true mastermind by the end.

Gina’s win changed everything. She renamed the competition to the Ultimate Human/Genius. Now, anyone at the precinct could join in the heists. This brought a new twist to future Halloween episodes.

“Halloween IV” stood out as a funny and unexpected episode. Gina’s victory and Bill’s introduction were highlights. Such episodes show why fans keep coming back to Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

The Proposal That Stole Our Hearts: “HalloVeen”

The episode “HalloVeen” from Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Halloween heist series is a fan favorite. It mixes the usual heist excitement with deep emotions. This makes it stand out as one of the top Halloween moments on Brooklyn 99.

Jake’s Elaborate Scheme Involving Handmaid’s Tale Cosplayers

Jake’s scheme shows how smart he is. He worked with people dressed as Handmaid’s Tale characters to trick his co-workers. This moment was funny and surprising, proving Brooklyn 99’s Halloween specials are always fun.

The Emotional Marriage Proposal

Amy seemed to win the heist, but Jake had a surprise. He proposed to her, making it a very touching scene. This moment showed their true love and how much they mean to each other.

The proposal made the episode even more special. Even without a clear winner, Jake and Amy’s love was the real highlight. It showed how strong their relationship has become.

Switching It Up with “Cinco De Mayo”

In Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6, they had to make the Halloween episodes new and fun. They already had a great way of doing it. They did things like letting non-detectives win, or showing heartfelt proposals. However, this time, they changed things up by making the funniest Brooklyn 99 Halloween heist a “Cinco de Mayo” event. This included some laughs and surprises, but also a lot of emergency interruptions.

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“heists are dumb.”

With his big exam coming up, he wanted to skip this year’s too. But, surprise! Terry was the brain behind it all. His plan involved using Cheddar, Holt’s dog, and making everyone in the department work against each other.

This twist really made Terry’s win stand out. It’s one of the brooklyn nine-nine halloween episodes ranked highly by fans. Once again, the show’s creators showed they can keep the story exciting and funny.

Season Episode Title Heist Winner
1 Halloween Jake
2 Halloween II Holt
3 Halloween III Amy
4 Halloween IV Gina
5 HalloVeen Jake/Amy (Proposal)
6 Cinco de Mayo Terry

Terry’s Unexpected Mastermind Moment in “Valloweaster”

Season 7 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine tackled a tough task during its Halloween Heist episode. The show faced a delay, so they couldn’t start till after the holiday. However, they brilliantly extended the heist over multiple celebrations, offering iconic Brooklyn 99 Halloween scenes.

In this chapter, they spoofed Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet as the heist’s target. The episode, named “Valloweaster,” hit all the high notes of past Halloween heists. It featured clever gags, old jokes, and unexpected turns that fans love.

“The Halloween Heists are like a box of chocolates. You never know who’s going to win.” – Jake Peralta

Up to this point, Rosa and Charles had never won a heist. When Rosa finally claimed victory, it was a bit expected. The element of surprise, a key factor in these episodes, felt lacking at times.

Still, “Valloweaster” was full of humor and standout scenes. The episode highlighted the squad’s witty Brooklyn 99 Halloween costumes and their zeal to outdo one another. It proved the show’s knack for making each Halloween Heist unique and fun, despite facing new challenges.

Ranking the best brooklyn 99 halloween episode

Are you a Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan? If so, you wait for the brooklyn 99 halloween episodes each year. These heists are now a much-loved part of the show. They show off its smart humor, unexpected turns, and the fun relationships between the characters. I’ve ranked the best brooklyn 99 halloween episode from every season, just for you.

The top episode you can watch again and again is from season 5, called “HalloVeen.” It had funny surprises and a big moment, with Jake proposing to Amy. This episode mixes laughter with touching moments, making it a favorite for many.

The first episode, “Halloween,” also deserves a shoutout. It’s from season 1 and starts the famous Jake and Holt heist-rivalry. This episode is where we see Jake’s wit and the precinct’s teamwork, launching the tradition of heists.

“Halloween IV” is another top episode. It surprises us with Gina’s win and the introduction of Charles’ look-alike. And we can’t miss Rosa and Amy bonding over “The Babysitter’s Club.” It’s a scene that fans remember fondly.

Next, there’s “The Last Day.” This isn’t a Halloween episode, but it’s the series finale. It ends with an epic heist, highlighting the show’s great writing and beloved characters one last time. A perfect farewell to the Nine-Nine.

Now, check out this table with the top brooklyn 99 halloween moments by season:

Rank Episode Season Memorable Moment
1 HalloVeen 5 Jake’s proposal to Amy
2 Halloween 1 Jake outsmarting Holt
3 Halloween IV 4 Gina’s surprising victory
4 The Last Day 8 One final heist
5 Halloween II 2 The squad helping Holt
6 Halloween III 3 Amy’s mastermind reveal
7 Valloweaster 7 The heist spanning multiple holidays
8 Cinco De Mayo 6 Terry’s unexpected victory

No matter your ranking, these brooklyn nine-nine halloween episodes ranked show the series’ lasting appeal and genius writing. These heists provide unforgettable moments in TV comedy history. They will always have a special spot in our hearts.

Honorable Mentions: Memorable Moments from Other Halloween Episodes

While we’ve talked about many Brooklyn Nine-Nine Halloween heist episodes, there’s more fun to highlight. The show had many cool and funny moments over different years. Even with the heists happening each year, the writers kept us entertained. They did this by adding new twists, funny pairings, and surprises.

Rosa and Amy Bonding Over “The Babysitter’s Club” in “Halloween IV”

In “Halloween IV,” Rosa and Amy found a connection over “The Babysitter’s Club.” This shared interest surprised and delighted fans. It showed a sweet side of the tough Rosa and the smart Amy. It’s moments like these that make fans love the characters even more.

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The Return of Bill in “Valloweaster”

“Valloweaster” mixed up the usual Halloween heist with an Easter twist. The episode featured the return of Charles’ look-alike, Bill. This callback delighted long-time fans and added fun to the crazy story. It proves the writers’ skill at keeping things fresh even with a repeating event.

The other Halloween episodes offered funny surprises and great laughs. They had creative team-ups, cool references, and the traditional Brooklyn Nine-Nine Halloween cold opens. These moments, not as famous as the main heists, are still dear to the fans. They are key parts of the Halloween episodes that we remember and enjoy.

The Legacy of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Halloween Episodes

Saying goodbye to “Nine-Nine” meant one last heist. The finale’s two parts heavily feature Holt and Amy as they prepare to leave. The precinct takes on a clean slate for the ultimate challenge, the “Grand Champion of the Nine-Nine”.

This series finale is the perfect farewell. It brings back favorite moments and characters. The heist brings even wilder schemes, endless jokes, and unexpected turns. The writers proved their creativity even after eight years.

most rewatchable brooklyn 99 halloween episode

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine Halloween episodes have earned a special place in fans’ hearts. These annual heists are filled with smart plots, funny jokes, and touching moments. They highlight the show’s wit and the unique relationships among the characters.

From their start with Jake vs. Holt to the emotional finale, the Halloween episodes are full of iconic moments.

Many of these episodes are top-rated on IMDb. Their success comes from smart writing and great acting. The tradition of the heists has made them a favorite for fans and critics. The brooklyn 99 halloween episodes IMDb ratings validate their popularity.

  • Season 1: “Halloween” – 8.2/10
  • Season 2: “Halloween II” – 8.3/10
  • Season 3: “Halloween III” – 8.5/10
  • Season 4: “Halloween IV” – 8.6/10
  • Season 5: “HalloVeen” – 9.1/10

Farewelling “Nine-Nine” brought tears, cheers, and laughter. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine Halloween episodes are a testament to the show’s humor and warmth. These heists are a key part of the series’ charm and will always bring joy to fans.


The Brooklyn Nine-Nine Halloween heist episodes are a fan favorite. They mix clever writing with funny moments and heartwarming stories. The first brooklyn 99 halloween episode set the tone, and the series ended with a bang, preserving its charm.

Amy’s surprise win over everyone shows her smarts. Gina’s unexpected success adds to the fun. Jake using the heist for his proposal is a highlight, touching fans’ hearts.

These stories are rich with memories and surprises, becoming show favorites. The Halloween episodes started simple but are now essential to the show’s spirit. They reflect everything we adore in this awesome series.


Which Brooklyn Nine-Nine Halloween episode is considered the best?

“HalloVeen” from season 5 is often called the best Brooklyn Nine-Nine Halloween episode. It has a thrilling heist with clever twists. Also, Jake proposes to Amy, making it heartwarming.

How did the Halloween Heist tradition start in Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

In season 1, “Halloween” sets the tradition up. Jake challenged Holt to steal his Medal of Valor. Fans loved the episode, making the heists an annual thing.

Which characters have won the Halloween Heists throughout the series?

Jake, Holt, Amy, Gina, and Terry have all won the Halloween Heists at some point. Winners change each year, so it’s always a surprise.

What makes the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Halloween episodes so popular among fans?

These episodes stand out for their smart twists and character bonds. They highlight how the characters have grown. For instance, Jake proposing to Amy in “HalloVeen” is a highlight for many fans.

How have the Halloween Heists evolved over the course of the series?

The Halloween Heists have gotten bigger and more competitive each season. They include more people and have higher stakes. The writers keep it fresh by adding new elements, like spanning the heist over multiple holidays.

Are there any notable guest stars in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Halloween episodes?

Though the main cast usually stars in the Halloween episodes, some guests stand out. Fred Armisen, for instance, played a great role in “Halloween IV” as Boyle’s doppelganger.

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